How to Create an AI Chat on Instagram

You now have the option of creating a chat with AI on Instagram and using it as an assistant or getting more creative and fun. We’ll show you exactly how to use all the exciting features on AI Chats within Instagram and what things you’ll want to keep in mind during the process.



How to Start an AI Chat on Instagram

To start an AI Chat on Instagram, open the Instagram app on either your iPhone or Android device. The instructions work for both phones.

Click on the Message icon in the top-right corner of the screen then tap the pen and paper icon to create a new message. At the top of the page, you should see Create an AI chat feature—tap on the arrow to the right of it.

From there, you will see many options for AI bots to start a conversation with. If you are simply needing a question to be answered, you can try using Meta AI which works as an AI assistant.

However, if you are looking to have some fun with the feature, you can use Dungeon Master to create an adventurous story or Carter who gives dating advice. There is an AI Chat experience for everyone.

To start a chat, simply click on the icon of the bot you want to speak to and the message will immediately appear. You can either ask it a question of your choosing or select a question from the suggestions above the message box. The bot will quickly answer, and you can reply to the Instagram message to really get the conversation going.

If you click on the i icon in the top-right corner, you have the option to share the conversation with others, learn about how AI models are created, and even find the Instagram profile of the AI bot you are working with. If you click on the profile, you can follow the AI like you would any other user.

If you find that you have a good or bad interaction with the AI bot, you can give feedback. Next to the responses from the AI, you’ll see thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons—click the one you want to use for feedback.

It’s important to note that AI Chat is only available on the mobile app for both iOS and Android. The browser website does not support the feature as of November 2023.

What to Keep in Mind When Using AI Chats on Instagram

Cute Robot

When using AI Chats, there are a few important details to bear in mind.

Keep an eye on the information that the AI bot is giving you. Sometimes, it may not always be accurate or complete. For example, you can use the “Creative Writing Partner” as an AI writing assistant to proofread your work, there’s a chance that the feedback may be incorrect, or it won’t catch all the mistakes.

You should also be aware that Meta may use your messages to help train its AI. Because of this, it is best not to give the AI any personal information.

Additionally, know that if you delete the chat, everything will be permanently lost to you. If you restart the chat, the AI won’t remember your previous conversation. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that Meta won’t still have access to the information.

Have a Full Conversation With AI Chat on Instagram

Instagram is truly making AI a fun experience for those who are unfamiliar with the technology or a bit wary of it. Being able to be a part of a fun adventurous story or debating about sports is always sure to shed a bit of light on what the tech can offer.

Next time you’re on Instagram, give AI chats a try to see for yourself.

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