How to Switch to a Professional Account on Instagram

Are you looking for more out of Instagram than the bare minimum of what the social media platform offers? Instagram’s professional account is the way to do just that—and it’s not just for businesses and influencers. We’ll explain exactly what you can do with a professional Instagram account and how to switch your profile to access all the cool features.



What Is a Professional Instagram Account?

There are two types of professional Instagram accounts: business and creator. If you are a business or creator, it is advantageous for you to have a professional account. However, if you do not define yourself as either, you can still benefit from the features in a few different ways.

One of the best reasons to switch to a professional account is access to Instagram insights to understand your audience better. This means that you get to see things like audience demographics, audience activeness, impressions, and followers. You also get to see profile visits from your posts and stories.

Another great feature is your message inbox will upgrade. Instead of all your messages being grouped together, you’ll get a primary and general inbox.

If you are a business or a creator, having a professional account allows you access to Instagram ads, which will get your name out into the platform a lot easier. Though it does cost money to boost your post through an ad, it has proven to be advantageous.

On a business account you can create a shop that is attached to the profile. This means that people who visit a business account can click on a shop button and purchase goods without ever leaving Instagram.

There are several other features that come with a professional account such as adding a call-to-action button, scheduling content, and saving replies. So, why not switch your personal account to a professional one to see for yourself?

How to Switch Your Instagram Profile to a Professional Account

Starting on the main screen of the Instagram app, tap on your profile image in the bottom right-hand corner—you’ll be sent to your profile. Next, tap on the hamburger icon in the upper right-hand corner then select Settings and privacy.

Scroll down and select Account type and tools under For professionals, then click on Switch to professional account. From there, click Continue through the slides until you get to the What best describes you page.

Here is where you can select what kind of account you have. If you feel that none of the suggested account types describe yours, you can search for one that does. This is also the time to decide if you want to display your account type on your profile—it appears below your name. Toggle over to turn on the Display on profile feature.

On the next page, select if you are a creator or a business. If you are not a business, simply choose creator. Tap Next once finished.

If you have other Instagram or Facebook accounts that you want to attach to your professional account, you can add them on the next page. If not, select Not now.

After going through setting up the professional account, you’ll have multiple steps to go through to complete your profile such as growing your audience and learning about how ads work on the platform.

Once you’re done, open your profile, and you’ll see the Professional dashboard option available for you. This is where you’ll be able to view all your insights and get access to professional resources.

If you find that you want to switch back to a personal account again, especially if you need to make your Instagram account private, go to your Settings and privacy tab and select Creator tools and controls.

From there, select Switch account type and then Switch to personal acccount. Tap Switch to personal account when the pop-up appears and your account will immediately be set to personal once again.

Learn More Information About Your Profile With a Professional Account

You do not have to be a large business to use Instagram’s professional account features. If you’re an inspiring creator or simply just enjoy showing off your photography, you can still gain knowledge for your growth with the professional dashboard. Try switching your profile from personal to professional and see what the new account can offer you. And don’t worry—if you don’t like it, you can easily switch back.

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