Michigan Football Staffer Alex Yood Caught in Sting

A low-level staffer at Michigan has allegedly been caught on tape trying to meet an underage girl. Alex Yood was reportedly fired earlier this year when the program was made aware of the video. This comes as another blow to a Michigan program currently under investigation by the NCAA for sign-stealing.

Yood Caught in Sting Operation Allegedly Attempting to Meet 13-Year-Old Girl

The incident that led to Yood’s removal from the Michigan staff unfolded in a public setting. On a regular day, one would have found Yood amid the hustle of preparing for game day, but instead, he was caught in an amateur sting operation.

The sting operation was performed by an internet personality who has gained recognition for his efforts to expose individuals with predatory intentions. Yood, outfitted in university apparel, was confronted while allegedly attempting to purchase alcohol as a precursor to a meeting he believed would be with a consenting adult. However, the encounter was framed as a prelude to a liaison with a minor, a point of contention that Yood disputed.

Once the university was made aware of the video, they reportedly fired Yood around the end of September of this year.

Michigan Program Rocked by Indiscretions

The turmoil surrounding Yood arose amid broader investigations into the Michigan football program. In a separate and unrelated thread, the program has been scrutinized over claims of unethical practices, notably the accusation that members of the staff engaged in sign-stealing — a complex strategy allegedly orchestrated by another staffer, Connor Stalions.

While the intrigue of espionage may not breach NCAA regulations, the method employed, if proven, would violate longstanding NCAA prohibitions against in-person scouting of competitors.

These incidents compound a year already marked by investigations and sanctions, including self-imposed penalties on their head coach and the dismissal of another coach under a separate cloud of suspicion.

The aggregation of these events paints a picture of a storied program navigating through a tumultuous period, striving to uphold the sanctity of collegiate athletics while facing off-field adversities.

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