The Las Vegas Raiders Conduct A Late Night Firing Spree

The Las Vegas Raiders did not make any roster changes before the trade deadline on Tuesday afternoon.

The team opted for a late-night firing spree of its coaching and front office staff aimed at improving the team in the long run.

The Raiders announced the changes on the team’s Twitter account at 1:00 AM EDT.

It said:

“The Las Vegas Raiders have relieved Josh McDaniels and David Ziegler of their duties as head coach and general manager.”

Then, Mark Davis said:

“After much thought about what the Raiders need to move forward, I have decided to part ways with Josh and Dave.  I want to thank them both for their hard work and wish them and their families nothing but the best.”


Fans Believe This Was Long Overdue

Josh McDaniels has not been the answer that Raiders fans hoped he would be.

Since his arrival, the Raiders have won 9 games and lost 16.

The Raiders finished 6-11 in 2022 and are 3-5 through Week 8.

Despite being fired, McDaniels will be on the team’s payroll for quite some time with his hefty contract.

Trick Or Treat

The Halloween night firings are par for the course for a Raiders team that has been trying to find its footing for years.

Raiders reporter Amber Theoharris was working the news in her Halloween costume ironically as “Chucky” a nickname many used for former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Trick or Treat: The Las Vegas Raiders Conduct A Late Night Firing Spree

The Raiders did not make this decision on a bye week.

After a Sunday night loss to the Lions, the team is hosting a Week 9 game against the New York Giants on Sunday, November 5 at 4:25 PM EDT.

Linebackers coach Antonio Pierce reportedly will be named the interim coach.

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