This V12-Powered Top Secret Supra Is Absolutely Bonkers


  • The V12-powered Top Secret Supra is a legendary high-performance sports car, known for its innovation, speed, and power.
  • The car features a meticulously crafted V12 engine, delivering extraordinary power and propelling it to incredible speeds.
  • Smokey Nagata fine-tuned the Supra to handle the immense power, making it not only fast, but also agile and enjoyable to drive.



In the world of high-performance sports cars, there are legends, and then there’s the V12-powered Top Secret Supra. Born from the mind of the visionary Japanese tuner, Smokey Nagata, this iconic machine is nothing short of a modern-day automotive myth. Its story is one of innovation, audacity, and the unrelenting pursuit of speed and power.

Imagine a car that defies convention, a vehicle that takes the concept of “fast” to an entirely new level. The Top Secret Supra is precisely that—an awe-inspiring creation that has left an indelible mark on the world of automotive enthusiasts.

In this feature, we delve deep into the heart of this legend, exploring its origins, the powerhouse that beats beneath its hood, and the incredible feats it has achieved on the road and the track. From its humble beginnings to its status as a symbol of automotive excellence, the Top Secret Toyota Supra has captivated the imaginations of gearheads worldwide for decades.

  • The V12-powered Top Secret Supra, created by Smokey Nagata, is a legendary high-performance sports car.
  • It features a meticulously crafted V12 engine, delivering extraordinary power and speed.
  • Nagata fine-tuned the car to handle the immense power, making it fast and agile.
  • The Supra broke the 200 mph barrier, solidifying its reputation as a speed demon.
  • Its legacy continues to inspire enthusiasts and push the boundaries of automotive engineering to this day.

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A Legendary Foundation

The story of the Top Secret Supra begins with a car that was already a legend in its own right. The (A80) Toyota Supra had made a name for itself as a high-performance sports car, known for its sleek design and powerful engine. But for Smokey Nagata, the man behind Top Secret, the Supra was more than just a car – it was a canvas waiting to be transformed.

Nagata-san had a vision, one that would take the Supra to new heights of performance and style. He wanted to create a car that would not only turn heads but also leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to witness it in action. And so, the journey of the Top Secret Supra began.

As the engine took shape, so did the rest of the car. The Top Secret Supra was not just about power. It was also about style. Nagata and his team designed every detail, from the aerodynamic bodywork to the custom interior, creating a car that was as beautiful as it was fast.

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The V-12 Powerhouse Was At The Very Core

At the heart of the Top Secret Supra lies its most remarkable feature – a V12 engine that defies expectations and delivers raw power. Nagata-san’s decision to use a V12 was bold and unconventional, but it was also the key to achieving the car’s extraordinary performance.

The V-12 engine is a marvel of engineering, known for its smooth power delivery and impressive torque. In the case of the Top Secret Supra, it’s not just any V-12; it’s the 5.0 liter 1GZ-FE V12 from a Toyota Century luxury sedan, with two HKS GT2835 ball-bearing turbochargers strapped on. A mill that originally made just 276 horsepower, this is a true masterpiece that Nagata and his team meticulously tuned and crafted to produce close to 1000 horsepower. With each cylinder firing in perfect harmony, the engine produces a symphony of power that is both exhilarating and awe-inspiring.

The result of this attention to detail is an engine that produces a staggering amount of horsepower and torque. When the Top Secret Supra accelerates, it does so with an authority that leaves no room for doubt – this is a car that means business. The V-12 engine propels the Supra from 0 to 60 mph in the blink of an eye, and the acceleration continues until it reaches a top speed (222.6 mph) that will leave most other cars in the rearview mirror.

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Unleashing The V12 Beast

The Top Secret Supra’s V-12 engine isn’t just an engineering marvel; it’s a force of nature waiting to be unleashed. To fully appreciate what this powerhouse is capable of, you need to experience it in action.

When Nagata-san first fired up the V-12 engine of the Top Secret Supra, he knew he had created something extraordinary. The deep, rumbling growl of the engine is a symphony for gearheads, a sound that sends shivers down the spine and sets hearts racing.



5.0-liter V12


930 – 1000hp (est)


745 lb-ft


Getrag 6-Speed Manual



0-60 Time

3.2 seconds

Top Speed


(Source: Speed Hunters)

He didn’t just stop at building a powerful engine; he also fine-tuned every aspect of the car to handle the immense power. From the brakes to the tires, every component is designed to work in harmony with the V12 engine, ensuring that the Top Secret Supra is not just fast in a straight line but also a joy to drive on twisty roads and racetracks.

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Pushing The Limits Of The V12 Top Secret Supra

Smokey Nagata’s quest for speed and power didn’t end with the creation of the V12-powered Top Secret Supra. In fact, that was just the beginning. He had a burning desire to push the limits of what his creation could achieve, and he was willing to go to extreme lengths to make it happen.

One of the defining moments in the Top Secret Supra’s journey was its attempt to break the 200 mph barrier. Nagata-san believed that his car had the potential to reach this incredible speed, and he was determined to prove it to the world. In a daring and audacious move in 1999, he took the Supra to a closed section of a public highway in the U.K. on the A1 M Motorway and unleashed its full power.

As the world watched in awe, the Top Secret Supra accelerated to mind-boggling speeds, eventually reaching a top speed of over 200 mph. It was a historic moment, one that solidified the Supra’s reputation as a true speed demon. He had not only pushed the limits of his car but had also pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible for a street-legal vehicle. This high-speed run eventually got Nagata arrested and later departed from Britain.

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The Legacy Continues

As the years have passed, the legend of the V12-powered Top Secret Supra has continued to grow. Its iconic status in the world of high-performance cars remains unchallenged, and its influence can be seen in the countless enthusiasts and builders who have been inspired by Nagata-san’s vision.

Smokey Nagata’s creation has paved the way for a new era of high-performance tuning. The Top Secret Supra showed the world that pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is not just a dream but a reality. It opened the door for other builders and tuners to explore new horizons and challenge the limits of automotive engineering.

The Supra’s legacy also extends to the wider automotive industry. It demonstrated the potential of Japanese sports cars and their ability to compete with the best from around the world. The Supra’s success on the global stage helped solidify Japan’s reputation as a powerhouse in the automotive world.

But perhaps the most significant legacy of the Top Secret Supra is the inspiration it continues to provide even today. Enthusiasts young and old look to the creation as a symbol of what can be achieved with passion, dedication, and a willingness to push the limit. It’s a reminder that the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds and that the quest for speed and power is a timeless endeavor.

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